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Hello......[[[echo]]]? I hope this comm isn't dead! =O

Hi everyone!
Im new as a member, and new as a dwarf hamster owner.
I have had 2 other hamsters in the past. Syrians, very great pets.
This time, however, I decided to try something new :D

I adopted a 4 week old female robo dwarf yesterday.
She is of the usual markings... Belly is white, and back is light brown.
I decided to name her Marley, after Bob Marley :D
My boyfriend decided to make her middle name Danger...So I let him haha.
She is quite spunky, and very sociable.
She was a little skiddish at first, but she is totally coming around!
I really hope this is the beginning of a good pet/owner relationship<3

I dont have any pictures just yet,but hopefully I see some life in here :D

If someone is out there. WHATS UP :D
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