Toni Fantastic (this_romantic) wrote in dwarfies,
Toni Fantastic

hamster tearing her hair out?

Alright, so where I work there's a dwarf hamster in the sick room.  An assosiate told me that she had been beaten up by her siblings and they put her back there to heal, but then she started ripping out her hair?  Or well it's fallen out.  She is basically naked from her waist up.  Any ideas what could've caused this?  I am taking her home tomorrow.  I can't let her just sit back there...she's alone and afraid and young.

Any advice?  I plan on keeping her in my bedroom where it's quiet and she won't be able to smell the other hamsters (which might cause her to stress out more).  Has anyone ever gone through this?

I didn't SEE any mites, but that's not to say that there aren't any there.  The store's vet wants to just put her to sleep, I refuse.  I'll take her to my vet.  Another hamster had it's eye scratched, I'll probably take her too.  I'm a bleeding heart I know...

I already have lol...9 hamsters....LMFAO.


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