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dwarf hamster community <3's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
dwarf hamster community <3

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Aloha! [ 16 02 10 09:39 am ]

[ mood | complacent ]

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[Dwarf Ham troubles =<] [ 24 01 10 06:01 pm ]

[ mood | worried ]

Hello everyone!

I've been a lurker on most of the main Hamster/Dwarf Hamster communities for quite a while now; when I was thinking of getting a Hamster again after having 3 as a teen. That was about ten months ago, and I found my little baby; Milo. Milo isn't an aggressive Hamster, he would nip occassionaly, but it was never painful, I think he meant it playfully. Although I keep reading webpages that say Russian Dwarves are very aggressive, I think I've gotten lucky with the Hamsters I've chosen, and they've all been Campbell's, I would never choose another breed because of their aggresive reputations, but it wouldn't surprise me if Milo was a cross breed. But recently... Milo has become very aggresive =<

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Photo update on my boys! [ 10 09 09 12:31 am ]

Here is just a quick/small update on my boys. I might have to split them because they have been fighting more. Once I have enough money I think I'm going to try moving them to a bin and see if that works! :)

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Hi...Im new to the community [ 03 09 09 08:12 pm ]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hi everyone! I find all your babies sooo cute! I just recently recieved two baby dwarfs from a friend of mine on Sept.1st - One is white and the other is brown. I will be postin up some pics soon, so everone can Meet Jynx & Mr.Bojangles...Yeah about Mr.Bojangles...my BF insited I call him that since he loved the movie in the "Green Mile"...lol..what a sucker..lol..but I liked it too..:)

Once again pleasure to be able to share with you all...

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hammieworld [ 02 09 09 06:05 pm ]

 I've created a new community dedicated solely to dwarf hamsters; hammieworld 
So join! and let me know if you're interested in helping out with the comm. :)

Maro & Taro ♥ [ 02 09 09 11:58 am ]


Unfortunately, Taro passed away last Monday. But I just wanted to post some photos I took of Maro today, who is perfectly healthy. :)

( Tiny picspam + video )

Chip and Dale [ 31 08 09 04:36 pm ]


So here are my new boys! I've decided to name them Chip and Dale like off the old T.V. show lol. They are actually pretty mellow. In case you didn't know, I adopted them from a lady who could no longer keep them off a listing in Craigslist. Chip happens to be the smaller one on the left and Dale is obviously the bigger one! The ironic thing is that Chip is braver than Dale lol. By the way, yes there is 2 of everything, they just both happened to be eating out of the same bowl at the time lol. I'll update more on them once they settle in more. I just didn't want them to be frightened of me so soon.

Maro & Taro ♥ [ 23 08 09 07:36 pm ]


( + + + )

Toki <3's the Camera! [ 20 06 09 10:50 pm ]

So I haven't really updated any pictures of Toki in a while. The pictures were kind of big so I had to resize them when uploading them to photobucket so the quality probably isn't as good as the original. You can also check my flickr too: http://flickr.com/photos/suchatease for old pictures. Just go to tags and you'll see the different tags or you can just search toki or hamster or something like that. smiley.gif


Hi :) [ 20 06 09 03:17 am ]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I hope no one minds me posting.
First i would like to post a memorial to EVE-A my little roborovski. She has been through alot in her very short life, then the cat got her one night. I felt so so guilty and heart broken. Rushed her to the vet's at 1am and paid £104 vet bill. But she survived for two weeks, but last Sunday she died from a stroke :'( It is so so heart breaking, i love her more than the world.

Her little sister M-O doesn't cope very well on her own, and now EVE-A is gone she isn't eating very well and she isn't playing etc. So we got her some little friends, 3 to be exact. Two little white faced/platium robo's named meredith and sam and a darker one called taylor.

We were gunna wait a week maybe tops to introduce them all with M-O, but this morning i sorta accidently introduced them.
I tried 'introducing' them this morning. I thought i'd follow the step by step but they got passed my barrier i built. :roll:
So i took it out and i watched M-O like a hawk ready to sweep her out and the first sign of trouble.
However M-O hasn't attacked one of them, they all had a good sniff and played together and then i woke (fell asleep in the middle of the day heh he) to find them all mashed into one of their little beds. It was adorable. It's been breaking my heart to see M-O not eating and sitting all alone. So with the 2 bin cages, if they continue to get along like this then i will make it into a double decker cage. I'm gunna watch them SO SO closely for the next few days and make sure they are happy and M-O behaves herself, but M-O has always been bullied rather than the bullier and also she's very well natured. Feel asleep in my arms last night :D

More Photo'sCollapse )

Anyway i just wanted to show them off i suppose.. I hope you like them :)

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I really wish [ 19 06 09 01:16 am ]

I wish this community was more active! It would be really neat! :)
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Silly Ham! [ 23 04 09 07:58 am ]

So I came home from work last night and I saw this:

It was the cutest little thing because none of my hams have ever slept outside of their little houses before. This was the first time I've seen Toki do it though.
No he goes there pretty often, but only when I turn on the lights and its dark out side.

Sometimes he lays against it so I can see his little tummy lol.

roborovski hamsters [ 19 04 09 05:33 am ]

my boyfriend and i want to get 2 roborovski hamsters. i was wondering if you think the crittertrail x habitats space between the bars was big enough for them to sneak out? i am going to buy attatchments and make it bigger for them.

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I would love to introduce everyone to TOKI! [ 15 04 09 09:52 pm ]

Hi everyone, my name is Jazmyn Alexandria and I'm 17 years old. I live in the US and I've had a grand total of 14 hamsters (one had babies lol), 1 mouse, 4 dogs, 3 cats, 1 turtle, and 2 fish in my lifetime of owning pets. Sadly I only have 1 hamster and 2 dogs right now. I've owned every species of dwarf hamster (except chinese if you consider that a dwarf because they are illegal in California) and 2 syrians in the past.
When I was younger I always wanted to be a vet until last year when I took an animal health care class and learned that it just wasn't for me although I still love pets. I've worked in a dog grooming salon before as a bather and I would love to work with animals again...probably at a shelter later in the future.

I've owned hamsters for about 5 years now and I've been researching them since I was about 9 as well as any other animal on this planet.

Anyhow, let me introduce you to my beloved Toki! He is an albino campbell and I recently got him last August when he was still a baby. He is the most adorable hamster I have yet to own and I love him. Lol he only likes me and tends to chirp and slap my boyfriend when his hand is in his cage unlike me who he licks. Lol he also won HH of the month for February at a forum I'm at. To read his article, click here. Here are some pictures of the little guy from oldest to newest! Enjoy! :)

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[Intro-post hurhur] [ 16 04 09 01:58 am ]


Dear Hamster-lovers,


Yo! My name is Laura, I’m 21 and I’m a lazy-bones English and Creative Writing Student at Edge Hill University in the UK. Oh, and I love Hamsters.


During my Pre-/Teenage years I owned three Campbell’s Russian Dwarf Hamsters (all by themselves at different times) Hammy (Hurhur), Tiny, and Pippin. After at least a 6 year break of owning Hamsters, I decided recently that I could not wait until I move back home to acquire a Hamster, and I’ve started looking around for local shops that have babies for sale. I’ve been a comm-lurker for a while now…


Now I tried looking for a local breeder, but the most local one is at least 2 miles out, and as I can’t drive, that journey would be excruciating, more for the Hamster than for me, but still for me xD


Before I embark on the journey of owning something small cute and furry once more, I have a few questions that I hope you guys could help me with =D


Firstly. After owning three Hamsters each by themselves, I wanted to try owning two from the same family/litter. Hamsters can get lonely, and I wouldn’t like to be shut up in a cage on my own. But my partner, who is doing a Bio-Veterinary Degree at University, got severely cross with me and told me that she wouldn’t put two Hamsters in the same cage regardless of their breed, and especially if there’s even a chance that they will fight at all because it will result in death.

Now, I know Hamsters fight, and I’ve done the research, but all the research I’ve done hasn’t given me anything consistent. I would like some advice on whether or not keeping two Hamsters in the same cage is a good idea, and what the chance are of them fighting seriously and it resulting in injury and/or death is…


Secondly. When I acquired my first Hamster, I was told that if I ever got more than one, that it would be safer to get two males, rather than two females, as the females were more likely to fight and become territorial. But again, the research I’ve done has not been consistent. Some say males are better, some say females. So I have no idea which gender would be better if I were to get two!


I have an old Habitrail cage, but if I do get two hamsters, I am planning on buying a back-up cage and some tunnels to attach to them both, just in the event of a big fight that may end up in separation.


I’m only really looking Campbell’s, as they’re a breed I’m familiar with and the breed I’ve done all the research on, but if anyone has any advice in general to do with Dwarf hamsters, especially if another Dwarf breed would be more suitable to a pair, I would greatly appreciate it!


I hope to be able to spam you with Hamster photos very, very soon!


For now, a random image from my Hamster-Eyecandy folder xD


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Greetings from Finland [ 01 12 08 09:22 am ]


I'm a finnish lady with very manly dwarf hamster (winter white) Rane. x) Who is currently changing his coat to wintery one for my dismay since can't take him to official classes in show in winter coat. However, he's young (2 months) so we have plenty of time to take him to a show.

Rane (obviously) loves his running wheel but other than that he's gonna have other hobby: agility. I just need some material for fences, I of course have a tube already and a swing. For now I have let him just to sniff around in his activity pen (or go to hide in my pajamas when I'm not inside of it).

Anyway, to the pics.

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Hi All . [ 30 11 08 01:46 pm ]

Hi all . I am new to this community , but it seemed dead here . Just wanna share a few pictures of my hamster , Pinky , here ! She's 1 year and a month old currently .
Read more about Pinky here ...Collapse )

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Yarn safety. [ 12 06 08 11:15 pm ]

[ mood | curious ]

Is yarn both acrylic/cotton safe to put in a hamster cage? I'm thinking of making a bed/hanging hang out area out of yarn for my hamster and I just wanted to check if it was safe for my dwarf hamster Vee first. :] Thank you!

cross-posted to another comm.


Yo. Newbie here. [ 30 03 08 01:27 pm ]
Hi everyone, I'm newbie to the com and newbie to dwarfies. I used to have 2 gerbils, but after their death I decided to adopt dwarf hamsters. I started with a couple, but the male (Tristan) died 2 days later, for some reason unknown. So, my mother got me another one but it was a female and older than Isolda. I named this one Morgaine and, days later, I went to the store to get Morgaine's pair, Morrigan.

I think that Morgaine is going to give birth soon, so I would like to know what cares should I have.

Oh, and I'm also looking forward for a male friend for Isolda, probably next week. :)

Anyone have advice? [ 28 02 08 09:27 am ]

My two dwarf female hamsters who have lived together since birth are now fighting. I've had them for months and before it was just play fighting and no injuries but just last night I noticed that Peach ( the less dominant one) has injuries and I saw blood. I am extremely sad that I have to seperate them. Just a few days ago I saw them cleaning each other. I don't understand what happened. Is it possible to ever put them back together again? I'd appreciate any feedback thank you.

See pictures of them in my journal....

Hi! [ 09 01 08 10:10 pm ]

I adopted two Campbell dwarf hamsters about a month ago. Sunday I had cleaned the cage and separated them due to fighting. Tonight when I got home from work I discovered the one 'boy' had babies. I'm new to hamsters (but previously had a rat and a mouse) and have no knowledge of what to do with a litter. Please feel free to pass along any advice.

Be well!
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Hello......[[[echo]]]? I hope this comm isn't dead! =O [ 02 01 08 11:38 pm ]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hi everyone!
Im new as a member, and new as a dwarf hamster owner.
I have had 2 other hamsters in the past. Syrians, very great pets.
This time, however, I decided to try something new :D

I adopted a 4 week old female robo dwarf yesterday.
She is of the usual markings... Belly is white, and back is light brown.
I decided to name her Marley, after Bob Marley :D
My boyfriend decided to make her middle name Danger...So I let him haha.
She is quite spunky, and very sociable.
She was a little skiddish at first, but she is totally coming around!
I really hope this is the beginning of a good pet/owner relationship<3

I dont have any pictures just yet,but hopefully I see some life in here :D

If someone is out there. WHATS UP :D

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First time poster [ 27 12 07 08:35 pm ]

[ mood | okay ]

I have a little active Chinese Dwarf hamster, Hermes, that I've had since last  March. I named him that because he runs so much and is so goofy. :) I swear, he is always on his wheel! Here he is:

Anyway, can dwarf hamsters get wet tail? I've heard different things from different sources.

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[ 01 12 07 11:50 am ]

So my boyfriend plans on buying dwarf hamsters next week. He initially wanted a mouse, but I told him that he should get a hamster instead. I'm more excited than he is and will be hounding him to make sure he takes care of them properly. And I'll probably be over his house a lot more to play with them (he usually plays Call of Duty 4 when I'm over anyway).

I had hamsters when I was younger and loved them to pieces, but I don't really remember much about them except for the fact that they loved to escape. One time when they escaped I woke up with one of them in my hand.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone would be able to give me any useful info, etc. Especially what cage would be good (if you happen to remember the name, that would be best). My boyfriend plans to buy the cheapest cage he can, but I rather he get a good one, and if it's not the cheapest, then too bad for him. :) Any info specific to dwarf hamsters would be nice, as well. Thanks in advance!
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Small Animals with Big Cheeks [ 29 11 07 11:58 am ]

Russian-English community is aimed on posting photos and drawings of hamsters, chipmunks, gophers, marmots, squirrels, ground squirrels and other cute creatures with big cheeks: hamster_photo. Welcome!


a hamster named kitty [ 20 11 07 03:09 pm ]

hello I just wanted to share my hamster journal with everyone so if you want to take a look I'd really appreciate it. It has photos of my russian dwarf hamsters and my one syrian hamster. I'd appreciate any comments too :)

hamster tearing her hair out? [ 19 11 07 10:27 pm ]


Alright, so where I work there's a dwarf hamster in the sick room.  An assosiate told me that she had been beaten up by her siblings and they put her back there to heal, but then she started ripping out her hair?  Or well it's fallen out.  She is basically naked from her waist up.  Any ideas what could've caused this?  I am taking her home tomorrow.  I can't let her just sit back there...she's alone and afraid and young.

Any advice?  I plan on keeping her in my bedroom where it's quiet and she won't be able to smell the other hamsters (which might cause her to stress out more).  Has anyone ever gone through this?

I didn't SEE any mites, but that's not to say that there aren't any there.  The store's vet wants to just put her to sleep, I refuse.  I'll take her to my vet.  Another hamster had it's eye scratched, I'll probably take her too.  I'm a bleeding heart I know...

I already have lol...9 hamsters....LMFAO.


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items for cage [ 21 10 07 07:31 pm ]

[ mood | content ]

Hello everybody,

So I feel like my little guy's cage is really bare. He's got his wheel, a toilet paper tube, one of those little plastic t.v. looking like toys that he can hide in/sleep, and his dust bath thing (not with dust in it!). I feel like he needs more. Any suggestions on stuff to get him?

Karyn (and Eli)

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babies babies babies dwarfies that is =D [ 04 10 07 09:24 pm ]

[ mood | indescribable ]

 hehe, Honey is so fat, her little(fat)tummy looks like its going to explode!!. funny story, our last litter that we had was from our very 1st mom, and it was her 3rd litter, and she was even bigger then honey is now! and she only had 3 babies! but let me tell you these babies were the FATTEST little baby dwarf hamsters we had ever seen!( out of about 6 or 7 of our other litters ) hopefully Honey has more then 3 babies, cause we have a few lined up already to sell =D! Honey is due next Wed - Sun, and Dawn is due the following Mon-Thurs. Joey and I can't wait, the little babies are so cute and it's really neat how the fathers do help out with the litter =D
Rosie & Joey =D


babies babies babies! dwarfies babies that is hehe [ 04 10 07 09:21 pm ]

[ mood | indescribable ]

 hehe, Honey is so fat, her little(fat)tummy looks like its going to explode!!. funny story, our last litter that we had was from our very 1st mom, and it was her 3rd litter, and she was even bigger then honey is now! and she only had 3 babies! but let me tell you these babies were the FATTEST little baby dwarf hamsters we had ever seen!( out of about 6 or 7 of our other litters ) hopefully Honey has more then 3 babies, cause we have a few lined up already to sell =D! Honey is due next Wed - Sun, and Dawn is due the following Mon-Thurs. Joey and I can't wait, the little babies are so cute and it's really neat how the fathers do help out with the litter =D
-Rosie & Joey =D


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